Beware of scams.
Buyers - Never part with money unless you are confident the deal is legitimate.
Make sure the seller is the true owner or authorised agent to sell the machine advertised before handing over money.

Sellers - try and get money up front if you have your doubts about the legitimacy of a deal.


These are the General Terms and Conditions or the Rules

1) All ads are free of charge.


2) Two photos can be included free of charge.


3) All ads should be in upper and lower case and not all in upper case letters. ie This is acceptable and THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


4) Adverts must not misrepresent items


5) Use of offensive language or profanities in listings is not permitted


6) Machinery dealers may include one video per advert.


7) Dealers: All ads must be for 2nd hand , trade in, demo equipment, marked down machines - not under any circumstances must new machinery be advertised or dealers use the free ads to promote themselves.


8) Adverts cannot infringe third party intellectual property rights


9) Machinery listed must be available for sale


10) Sold machinery must be reported to Brian at as soon as possible in order for the ad to be removed. Please specify the date the ad was loaded in order for us to identify the correct ad to be removed.


11) Adverts must comply with Australian Fair Trading Laws


12) Duplicating an advert or listing the same machine more than once is not permitted

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